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Admission to all classes depends on the vacancy existing in the respective class. The procedure includes Admission Test, followed by interview before the child is selected for admission. A municipal Birth Certificate and TC from the previous school is mandatory along with a Report card showing promotion to the class in which admission is being sought .for admission parents are requested to contact at the Principal Office.

Admission overview.

Alfouz jamia English school welcomes students to an enriching and joyful learning experience .The admission procedure is completely transparent and has been designed to ensure a suitable fit between what the parents and children expect from the school ,and what the school in turn can offer them.


(At the time of entrance)

Admission will be granted to candidates only if they fulfill the age criteria mentioned below.

Age criteria :-4+ for KG1

5+ for KG2

6+ for Grade 1

7+ for Grade 2 and so…..on.


Pre-Primary parents applying for KG1&KG2 will be required to fill out an application form.There will be formal tests conducted on the child. Instead,the child will be observed in a group setting to assess his/her ability to interact in a school environment.